Bridging The Gap

Bridging the gap between law school and practice. I'm definitely not the expert here. Please email me with additions! What are the things you wish you had known before starting your own practice. More generally, what pitfalls should first year attorneys avoid, whether at a large firm or solo? Email Sandy with your comments. dubs itself as the premier online legal media network. I don't know about that but I have listened to some very interesting topics on such niche areas as hiring virtual secretaries and paralegals. I love that I can download the files to my laptop and listen to them when I like, or burn them to CD to listen to in the car - sound familar? I've quoted from their web site below. Add this web site to your favorites.

LegalTalkNetwork LLC. Our founders are former CBS/Boston Broadcast News professionals. Since 1999, we have been providing online communications and marketing solutions for corporations with the high quality of traditional Television and Radio at our mother-ship company, Skyways Communications, LLC, located in metro Boston. New media took hold and Legal Talk Networkk was launched in May 2005, with originally produced legal podcasts, hosted by leading attorneys and legal experts. Legal Talk podcasts highlight the important issues in the legal profession with high profile guests in a talk show format. They're produced by professionals and available on-demand on the Legal Talk Network website, in iTunes, by free subscription to RSS and from legal portals, blogs and social networking sites (too many to list)! Listeners worldwide get the latest legal topics and trends and legal professionals make connections with colleagues in a B2B environment, helping everyone meet the challenges of a changing legal world. ”


The Virtual Paralegal on These ladies really know their stuff. They are, or have worked with, virtual paralegals and give competent advice based on personal experience in hiring a reputable virtual assistant. Their discussions are also beneficial to those of you considering working as a virtual assistant.