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ABA is Moving to Help Law Students Cope with Debt: ABA President Lamm

Is it fair to ask for debt relief from commercial lenders? The ABA is urging commercial lenders to offer forebearance opportunities to students with career loans on terms similar or identical to those offered to students with government backed loans. I did not know that most students with low interest loans also carry commercial loans for books and living expenses because of the high costs of law school and limits on government sponsored loans. Is this fair, given the cost of our small school? Shouldn't a student take these factors into consideration when deciding to attend law school? Where do the bail outs end? I'm very conflicted about this because I have a foot in both worlds.

This is what it really feels like to pass the bar!!! This video was provided courtesy of Too Much Time Back On My Hands Productions, a subsidiary of Hot Diggity! Law School Is Finally Over, Incorporated.

I Wish I Would Have Known. . .

There are so many things I wish I would have known while I was still in school! Now you won't have that problem. I was speaking with fellow graduates about this issue and I was surprised to learn that I was not alone.

Skype Bar Chat in January

Visit the Events page for more information. We plan to video tape both chats for those who can't make it. See you there!

Justice With Michael Sandel

Harvard University's Justice With Michael Sandel. This link was provided to me by a fellow ALU student. “Justice is one of the most popular courses in Harvard's history. Now it's your turn to take the same journey in moral reflection that has captivated more than 14,000 students, as Harvard opens its classroom to the world.”   I guess they've finally caught up with ALU! I am posting the link here in case you missed it on the ALU Discussion Board. If you can make the time to view the lectures it will be well worth your while! Have fun!

Spotlight On

Coming Soon! Spotlight On ... ALU graduates who are now successfully practising law and the many persons and programs designed to help get us to our destination. Please contact me so we can pay you a visit and put a Spotlight On your practice or business!

Post Bar Blues

Coming Soon! What should you do AFTER taking the California General Bar Exam? There is plenty of discussion about taking and preparing for the Bar, but very little discussion about the highs and lows experienced by students after the exam is over.

Bridging The Gap

Bridging the gap between law school and practice. I'm definitely not the expert here. Please email me with additions! What are the things you wish you had known before starting your own practice. More generally, what pitfalls should first year attorneys avoid, whether at a large firm or solo? Email Sandy with your comments.

Marketing for Lawyers

Lawyers are not known for marketing their wares. Listen and learn!